Hi, my name is Alexander. I’m a consultant, advisor and mentor focused on organic growth.
I’m also a road cyclist, record collector, film nerd and cat owner.

With a proven track record in building, running and supporting high-performing SEO teams, I help companies of all sizes achieve operational excellence in SEO and Content Marketing – and grow their search performance as a result.

What I can do for you

I understand the characteristics of successful SEO teams and the environment needed for them to compete on the highest level. My work focuses on enabling those characteristics, including: robust and scalable processes, efficient communication, focus on results, effective delivery and an agile mindset.

Operational Excellence

Review existing processes

  • Strategy: creation, learning and innovation
  • Planning on strategical and tactical level
  • Goal-setting on strategical and tactical level
  • Reporting of results and progress
  • Communication with stakeholders, investors, the management team, peers and the company
  • Training and up-skilling
  • Stakeholder and dependency management

Review an existing setup

  • Tools and dashboards etc.
  • People, structures, teams

SEO Due Dilligence and Reviews

  • Assess skills, resources, processes and KPIs
  • Review goals and performance vs. targets
  • Identify synergies, overlaps, gaps, compatibility between players
  • Identify risks and opportunities, perform SWOT analysises to uncover weaknesses
  • Perform market analysis, competitive analysis, outside-in analysis

I work with Inhouse SEOs and SEO teams, with management teams, with VCs, investors and boards, with SEO agencies and with consulting firms, adapting my approach to capabilities, needs and vision.

Contact me

Alexander Huth